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How do you view God?

A stern judge? An example to follow? A tolerant grandfather?

We all have different views of God. In this Bible study, you will discover who God really is, the amazing gifts he's given us and what that really means for our lives, even today.


(n.)  One who seeks to promote human welfare, to save lives; a philanthropist.

Even though he is vastly superior to us, God tirelessly works for humanity from the moment of creation to the world's last day. Most importantly, in the person of Jesus Christ, God himself perfectly planned and executed the most extraordinary humanitarian rescue mission of all time.

God is the ultimate humanitarian.

What participants are saying

I used to think God was distant. But each lesson describes another aspect of how God loves me and cares for me. I now see him much more clearly.

It's Exciting!

What You'll Learn

In this free, online Bible study, we'll explore 20 facets of God's amazing love for humanity.

Lesson 1

A Humanitarian from the Beginning

Lesson 2

A Humanitarian in the Face of Rebellion

Lesson 3

A Humanitarian to an Evil World

Lesson 4

A Humanitarian by Making a Wonderful Covenant

Lesson 5

A Humanitarian by Giving the Law

Lesson 6

A Humanitarian at the Temple

Lesson 7

A Humanitarian by Giving Mediators

Lesson 8

A Humanitarian by Becoming Man

Lesson 9

A Humanitarian by Living for Us

Lesson 10

A Humanitarian by Dying for Us

Lesson 11

A Humanitarian by Giving Us Proof

Lesson 12

A Humanitarian by Giving Us Status

Lesson 13

A Humanitarian by Giving Us Saving Faith

Lesson 14

A Humanitarian by Giving Us the Gospel

Lesson 15

A Humanitarian by Giving Us Baptism

Lesson 16

A Humanitarian by Giving Us His Supper

Lesson 17

A Humanitarian by Giving Us Prayer

Lesson 18

A Humanitarian by Giving Us a Wonderful Life

Lesson 19

A Humanitarian by Giving Us Eternity

Lesson 20

A Humanitarian by Giving Us Perfect Revelation

What participants are saying

I was about to give up on Jesus altogether. I'm afraid that without God—The Ultimate Humanitarian, I would have spun into a black hole.

— Sherry

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Brief videos summarizing each lesson.

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Downloadable study guide with extra guidance.

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Request your free copy of God—The Ultimate Humanitarian, the book this study is based on.

Art & Music

Songs & illustrations that illuminate the key points of each lesson.

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